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COW is back in a brand new format!  Each week, we will launch a new challenge.  Do it at home with family or friends.  Click the links below to view the challenge and the exercise tutorial videos.  Most of the exercises will have modifications available.  However, please note that COW is not for all participants.  You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for you.  Who's ready to take on the COW?

COW- 5.24.21.png
COW 5.17.21 newsletter.png
COW 5.3.21 (1).png
COW 5.3.21.png
COW 4.26.21.png
COW 4.19.21 web (1).png
COW 4.12.21.png
COW 3.29.21 (2).png
COW 3.15.21.png
COW 3.8.21.png
Triple S Challenge.png
Squat challenge .png
COW Week 5.png
COW Week 4.png
COW Week 3.png
COW Week 2.png
COW FB (2).png
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