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WELCOME TO the 2024 8-WEEK Fitness PROGRAM

Whether you are looking to transform your fitness habits or change your body composition, join our challenge!  The program consists of 4 workouts per week, which will be emailed to you.  All you will need is a pair of dumbbells (or water jugs could work).  As with all of C2BF offerings, this program is FREE of charge.  Questions?  Contact C2BF at

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Workouts are emailed each Friday. If you do not receive an email, be sure to check your spam/junk folder.  

Week 1                   Workouts              Video of Exercises

Week 2                   Workouts               Video of Exercises

Week 3                   Workouts               Video of Exercises

Week 4                   Workouts               Video of Exercises

Week 5                   Workouts               Video of Exercises

Week 6                   Workouts               Video of Exercises


Week 7                   Workouts               Video of Exercises  

Week 8                   Workouts               Video of Exercises

Week 8 Prizes Transformation.png

Week 8 is our final prize week.  We will be drawing TWO winners.  The first will receive a C2BF branded duffle bag; the second will receive a yoga mat.  Please note, due to the size of the prizes, they must be picked up from the RCPS School Board Office.  To enter the prize drawing, please complete our short Transformation survey by clicking HERE.  We greatly appreciate your feedback and look forward to seeing your input.  The survey will be open through Tuesday, March 5th, and the prize winner will be announced on Friday, March 8th.

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