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C2BF In the Elementary School

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Research supports a strong link between movement and learning for all ages.  Commit to Be Fit (C2BF) is dedicated to promoting an educational culture that encourages more movement opportunities for students to build healthier bodies and enhance learning in the classrooms.  

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Action Based Learning Lab (ABL)

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The RCES Brain STAR Action Based Learning Lab is a series of ten stations designed to help fill developmental movement gaps with the intention of enhancing learning while improving brain functioning.  All students (PreK-5) visit the lab on a regular exploratory rotation, with additional opportunities available for grades 6-7th.  In addition to filling movement gaps, the lab is used to integrate classroom curriculum to enhance kinesthetic learning.
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Classroom Push-Ins
In addition to working with the students in the Brain STAR lab, C2BF visits teachers' classrooms to lead a variety of movement activities to complement lessons and conduct brain breaks. 
The short activities end with a calming balance activity or a breath exercise that teaches the students to be mindful while preparing them to return to their seats.
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Sensory Pathway
In the Fall of 2019, C2BF debuted a sensory pathway in the primary wing of the elementary school.  The pathway, which spans the length of two hallways, encourages students to engage in a variety of movement patterns: hopping, marching, heel-to-toe balance walk, hopscotch, crab walking, and more.
Teachers are encouraged to take students to the pathway during bathroom breaks or on their way to lunch or recess. 
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