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All classes and activities are free of charge for all Rappahannock County residents and employees.  We invite everyone to attend.  Click the link below for class descriptions.  To view locations, click on the activity listed on the calendar.  


COVID-19 Update
Due to the pandemic, C2BF classes are not currently meeting.  Please stay tuned for updates.

Previously featured classes

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Group Classes Q &A


I'm new to classes, where do I go?

The locations are listed on page 2 of the schedule (link is above).  However, if you like for a C2BF team member to meet you a few minutes before class to show you the room and introduce you to the instructor, we are happy to do this.  Please email Holly at to let us know you are coming.  However, if you would rather drop-in on your own, you are absolutely welcome to do so.  

Do I have to pre-register for classes or do I just show up?  

We do not require pre-registration.  Simply show up a few minutes before the start time.  The only exception is if you would like for a team member to greet you at the door and show you to the classroom.  For more information, see the question above.  

I have some health concerns and am not sure which classes are appropriate for me.  What do you recommend?

If in doubt, contact Holly at  We would be happy to meet with you ahead of time to confidentially discuss your concerns and make recommendations.  And, of course, we encourage you to consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

What do I bring to class?

This depends on the class.  For Yoga and Meditation & Relaxation classes, you are encouraged to bring a mat.  However, we will have extras available if you would like to borrow one.  For other classes, we require appropriate shoes- sneakers.  For all classes, we recommend bringing a water bottle.

What's the catch?  Surely, there is a hidden fee for classes.  

All of our classes, workshops, and events are absolutely free thanks to the generosity of the PATH Foundation.

I'm a beginner.  Am I going to look silly not knowing the exercise routines?

Absolutely not!  We love seeing 1st-time participants and strive to have an inviting atmosphere for all.  Please keep in mind that everyone, including the instructors, was a beginner at some point.  :) 

We hope to see you in class!!  

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