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October 2023 challenge

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starts October 1st

Our popular Hike, Rappahannock community challenge is back!  To participate, register at the link below and go on at least one hike during the month of October.  Hikes can be done at ANY LOCATION and ANY DISTANCE.  Have a favorite trail?  Yes, repeating the same trail counts. Get ready to have some fun physical activity while enjoying the beautiful scenery!

PRIZES: We will have two prize drawings; each winner will receive a black C2BF logo hat! 

Click the button below for more details and to print the scorecard.   Registration is required.

September 2023 challenge

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Starts September 4th

It is recommended that adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week.  Additionally, adults should participate in 2 muscle-strengthening activities weekly.


Moderate-intensity aerobic activity includes anything that gets your heart beating faster.  Examples may include walking, dancing, biking, gardening, swimming, aerobics, sports, backyard games, etc.

Muscle-strengthening activities are activities that make your muscles work harder than usual.  This may include climbing stairs, heavy gardening (digging and shoveling), weight lifting, bodyweight exercises (squats, push-ups, planks, water aerobics, etc.

How to Participate

Commit to Be Fit is challenging the entire Rapp community to take our 150 Challenge.  To participate, complete a minimum of 150 minutes per week for 4 weeks (September 4th – October 1st).  The 150 minutes should include at least 2 muscle-strengthening activities.  For example, climbing stairs counts towards your total minutes and is considered a muscle-strengthening activity.  RCPS staff- if you are participating in the Superintendent’s Physical Activity Award Challenge, you are automatically eligible for this challenge as well!

How to Enter Prize Drawing

Turn in your completed activity logs to (or drop them off at the school board office) by October 5th. Everyone who submits a completed activity log with 150 minutes per week will be entered into our prize drawing! One lucky winner will receive a C2BF duffle bag!

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