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Brain STAR is a collection of short, movement based activities that can be done in the classroom to help the students refocus while practicing the 10 key foundations that are used in the Action Based Learning Lab. 


Click the tabs below to view the associated Brain STAR activities.

Challenges the proprioceptive system and helps the brain store and retrieve information.

Balances hormones, brain chemicals, and functions by increasing oxygen and glucose levels.

Integration of brain hemispheres by crossing the midline.

Enhances the brain's motor cortex through eye-hand, eye-foot coordination.

Improves cognitive function through coordination, agility, and motor skill exercises.

Development of body's awareness of itself in relation to its environment.

Develops inner dialogue by increasing body's ability to hear and keep a consistent beat.

Promotes overall health while enhancing movement foundations.

Development of inner ear and coordination of senses.

Strengthens eye muscles to enhance reading.

Research shows that we learn better through movement.  Integrating classroom curriculum and movement aid in memory and cognition.

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