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We think best on our feet, not in our seats.  Furthermore, purposeful movement helps to increase attention and alertness.  Commit to Be Fit (C2BF) debuted the Neuronasium, an alternative seating classroom, during the Fall of 2018.  The classroom is available for all high school teachers to bring their classes into to conduct lessons.  Rather than using traditional desks, the room is outfitted with a variety of alternative desk options: pedal desks, standing desks, glider desks, balance desks, swivel desks, and wobble stools that promote balance and core strength.

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US Assistant Secretary of Education Frank Brogan tried out one of the glider desks during his visit to RCHS in 2020.

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In the October 2019 edition of Virginia Living Magazine, RCHS was recognized as one of the Virginia Living Top Schools 2019 for the Neuronasium.  
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Personal Fitness & Nutrition Class

High School Elective Class

  • Nutrition basics

  • Digestion/metabolism

  • Planning and cooking healthy meals

  • Food marketing

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Personal Fitness

  • Goal setting

  • Social Media Campaign

    • Instagram: Rapp_Fitness

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