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May 28, 2018- C2BF Newsletter

That's a Wrap, Rapp!!

Our high school bulletin board was intentionally quite sparse at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. With each passing week, we added photos, one-by-one, of moments captured in our community offerings. If you have taken our classes, you know how we LOVE taking "Sweaty Selfies"! As we wrap up the school year, our bulletin board is now FULL of happy faces and great memories.

Did you know?... During this school year we have offered 451 classes, workshops, and events. WOW! Also, did you know?... We will be returning in the fall, bigger and better. YAY! In the meantime, we will be offering a few additional classes throughout the month of June. Our June schedule will be available shortly.

It’s been a great year! Thank you for being a part of our wellness journey.

Best in Health,


To read this week's newsletter, CLICK HERE

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