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C2BF Newsletter- March 29, 2021

C2BF Newsletter 2021 March 29
Download PDF • 2.27MB

The Spring Break edition of our newsletter is here!! Be sure to check out our spring-inspired tips and our spring break Challenge of the Week. Speaking of challenges, we are super excited to announce our upcoming Go Green Challenge for April. One lucky winner will receive a gift certificate for a TREE!!!! Check page 6 to learn more.

Inside this Edition

Page 1 & 2- Announcements (COW, March Challenge Reminder, & April Challenge Announcement)

Page 3- Tips from the Team

Page 4- Recipe of the Week (Black Bean and Egg Burrito)

Page 5- March Challenge flier

Page 6- April Challenge flier

Our newsletter will resume on Friday, April 9th. In the meantime, the C2BF team wishes you all a happy and healthy spring break!


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