C2BF Newsletter- May 25, 2020

CLICK HERE to see this week's newsletter. After walking over 20 MILLION steps since April 1st, we are concluding our Steps Challenge with a Virtual Walking Event on May 29th!!! This event is to honor the RCHS graduates on the day they were to originally graduate. We hope that you can join in and help show them that we are thinking of them. Inside this Edition Page 1- Happenings and Highlights (Steps for Seniors- Week 1 and Fruit and Veggie Championship Round) Page 2- Virtual Walking Event flier Page 3- Tips from the Team Page 4- Recipe of the Week (Strawberry Balsamic Grilled Chicken Salad)

C2BF Newsletter- May 18, 2020

CLICK HERE to read the newsletter for the week of May 18th. Inside this Edition Page 1- Highlights & Happenings (Step for Heroes- Week 3) Page 2- Announcements (Step for Seniors) Page 3- Tips from the Team Page 4- Recipe of the Week (Frozen Yogurt Pops)

C2BF Newsletter- May 11, 2020

CLICK HERE to read this week's newsletter. Be sure to check it out to see our step totals from last week. Just a friendly reminder to post your step totals by Monday at www.rappc2bf.com/steps. This will be the final Step for Heroes tally so be sure to get in your hero shout-outs. However, we aren't finished walking yet! Starting on Monday, May 11th, we will be starting Step for Seniors to honor our RCHS Class of 2020!! See page 2 for details. IN THIS EDITION Page 1- Happenings & Highlights (Step for Heroes- Week 2) Page 2- Announcements- (Step for Seniors starts May 11th) Page 3- Tips from the Team Page 4- Recipe of the Week (Healthy Freezer Breakfast Burritos)

C2BF Newsletter- May 4, 2020

CLICK HERE to view this week's newsletter. Our Step for Heroes challenge is going strong with over 2 million steps walked last week!!!!! WOW!!! Check out page 1 of our newsletter to see all of the shout-outs to our heroes. In this edition-- Page 1- Happenings & Highlights (Hero Shout-outs) Page 2- Tips from the Team Page 3- Featured Recipe of the Week (Watermelon and Basil Water)

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